Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Supplier Rating: Just Like Ours (OTD)

Queen who lead the team to make every drawing a reality. :)
For someone who is as involved with the wedding as we were, you would expect that we would do anything to make sure that all our plans would be executed.  We had several options mind you... some were established (and ended up doing several celebrity weddings!) but was really hard to contact (we always had to go through a secretary!) and some were very promising but M's concern is that they don't have enough experience to gain his confidence (though now they are really getting raves from all their brides!).  

We only got to talk with one coordinator and I saw them in action at a colleagues' wedding.  What was ok with JLO when I saw them in action was that you knew there were coordinators at the event (handing out gifts, orchestrating everything) but they were not in your face obtrusive.  They were very polite and polished and kept everything running smoothly.

When we met Queen David, who heads JLO with her hubby David, we were really happy to note that she lived at Makati (easier to meet with her!) and she was very generous when it came to giving advice about booking our suppliers.  M was very happy with her because they clicked and had the same idea about some key issues like catering etc.  She wasn't pushing us to book her immediately but rather encouraged us to talk to other coordinators before booking them.  

However, afterwards, we were pretty much set on getting them so we booked after a couple of weeks.  Since then, it was easy to contact Queen, I would usually call her on her mobile phone for questions (which i would mostly compile so it would just be one phone call versus calling over and over again).  She gave us her opinion on suppliers to get and assured us that she would make sure that they would deliver on our big day.

She kept things in perspective when things were getting pretty hectic a month before the wedding and even gave us reminders up to the last 2-3 days of the wedding.  Every one of our suppliers, entourage, liturgical entourage got text messages from them reminding them about our wedding and their call time.

On the big day, we merely had to turn everything over to Queen and let them work their magic. :)  They came presentable and dressed well for the occasion.  They brought baskets so the flowers, giveaways, petals can be placed in nice containers (not baskets ;)  They took care of the payments (sealed envelopes with amounts) and gave acknowledgement receipts to us to ensure that the suppliers got their final payment.  We had to give them petty cash and they came up with suppliers meals and lunch for our gigantic family, excess payment for the bridal car came off that too.  They brought everything to the church and reception from the hotel.  We had someone assigned to the bride and the groom (wingman!).  During pictorial David was kind enough to buy drinks for us since he knew we were parched!  

everyone is psyched!!!

David (at the left) working his magic with the crowd! 

During the exit from the Church, David did his spiel about motivating people to participate in the throwing of petals and waving of flags, it made for great photos!  Before the entrance, they motivated our entourage to do a little something (like dance a little and pose) even when we did not ask them, again it set the mood for the night that was to come. 

At the reception, people were always there magically to hand us microphones, give us seats, lead us to the stage, give us the PS gifts and even to coach us should we forget to thank anyone of our suppliers during our thank you speech!

Lastly after the reception, they turned over everything to us and everything is labeled!  Gifts are counted and has a list (from who and what number), items in a paper bag are itemized (shoes are in gibi shoe box, veil and cord are in forever21 paper bag) so we don't miss anything at all.  They also gave us the change for the petty cash and a report on where the money was spent on and change was handed to us down to the last centavo.  Finally, they gave us items that they picked up at the church and reception like car keys, motorola blue tooth headset, earring backing you name it it was given to us!  

Ms. Jackie who was with me all the time!!!

Get JLO, they are the nearest thing to wedding insurance that you can get. :D

Rating: 5

Just Like Ours
Queen David

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