Sunday, November 27, 2011

Supplier Rating: Melissa Ferrer Litao

I did not scout around for hosts.  I knew who I wanted and I was set on getting her for our wedding.  The fact that they lived in Cavite already was just a Major plus for me. :)

missy working her magic!

 I was the only one who met with her.  I met her and her hubby Ed and her angel CharlieWe talked for about two hours at Robinsons Imus (of all the shushal places! haha).  I saw her in action at another wedding and I knew she would provide the right mix of order, humor and shushality to our event. :D   What I love about Missy is that she can read the crowd.  She knows when to speak in English, when to drop hints in Tagalog and when to make really funny and humorous comments to make the event light and happy.

calling single ladies and gents!

talking to the lucky bachelor!

guess why i am clapping with glee? :)

 We got to meet her and her husband once before the wedding to iron out the program and she gave a lot of great tips so we can keep the guests involved and happy through out the program so that they won't leave.  A great tip that she gave us was to space the avps and pasabogs through out the program so that people won't know what to expect and they will keep their seats wanting to know what will happen next. :)

Come wedding day, she was there on time and we even got to chat a little before the start of the program at the waiting area!  She had our guests at the palm of her hand and she was one of the reasons why people enjoyed and stayed at our wedding!  They all thought we were good friends with her and they we surprised to know that she is a professional emcee who eventually became our friend.   

Rating: 5!
Melissa Ferrer Litao


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