Sunday, November 27, 2011

Supplier Rating: Melissa Ferrer Litao

I did not scout around for hosts.  I knew who I wanted and I was set on getting her for our wedding.  The fact that they lived in Cavite already was just a Major plus for me. :)

missy working her magic!

 I was the only one who met with her.  I met her and her hubby Ed and her angel CharlieWe talked for about two hours at Robinsons Imus (of all the shushal places! haha).  I saw her in action at another wedding and I knew she would provide the right mix of order, humor and shushality to our event. :D   What I love about Missy is that she can read the crowd.  She knows when to speak in English, when to drop hints in Tagalog and when to make really funny and humorous comments to make the event light and happy.

calling single ladies and gents!

talking to the lucky bachelor!

guess why i am clapping with glee? :)

 We got to meet her and her husband once before the wedding to iron out the program and she gave a lot of great tips so we can keep the guests involved and happy through out the program so that they won't leave.  A great tip that she gave us was to space the avps and pasabogs through out the program so that people won't know what to expect and they will keep their seats wanting to know what will happen next. :)

Come wedding day, she was there on time and we even got to chat a little before the start of the program at the waiting area!  She had our guests at the palm of her hand and she was one of the reasons why people enjoyed and stayed at our wedding!  They all thought we were good friends with her and they we surprised to know that she is a professional emcee who eventually became our friend.   

Rating: 5!
Melissa Ferrer Litao


    Tuesday, November 22, 2011

    shop shop!: uniwide coastal mall

    There was a time when I thought of seriously styling our wedding.  However, real life got in the way and I was pretty satisfied with how Josiah's did our wedding tables.  Besides we did not want the tables to get too busy that they can't their food on the table! :D

    If ever I DO decide to style an event, this would be the FIRST place that I would go to.  It's on my way home to Cavite and even though the place is kinda dirty, you can get items dirt cheap. haha :P
    My brother once asked my youngest sister how come Uniwide still existed, it does not look like a place where people would go and buy stuff.  This week my brother had his answer, Coastal Mall is open because of people like me, who revel in this secret bargain haunt. haha :D

    Coastal Mall is basically the bagsakan of pottery/ceramics/figurines/vases over runs from the Philippines.  If Greenhills: fake bags, Coastal Mall: plates, cups, mugs, wine glasses, vases and other home decor items.  You can buy plates, vases by the kilo here.   

    Here are some of the great finds here, I had to keep some for myself because I am giving them away as Christmas Presents! :)

    about 10 inches high worth PhP199!
    piggy bank anyone?
    left and middle vase worth Php79 and the one on the left? Php39!
    twin vases (two vases joined together) Php 79, bowl shaped vase Php99
    silver big piggy is a little more expensive, smaller one is on Php99

    bigger vases (about 12 inches high)
    small glass containers (to put more panache into candies and nuts on the table!)
    I love this horse! There are also dogs, penguins, owls, cats, elephants. :)
     best buy!!! teapots!!! :)

    There are also wine glasses at Php29 each.  Some items go as low as PhP10. If you want start a Christmas Village, this is the BEST place to get your first few pieces!
    I posted the glass items with stainless/silver finish but there are also items that are done in gold.  There is also stoneware (white plates or platters) and chinese ceramic type stuff (done in blue and white)  I can't take that many pics because one of the manongs told me it is prohibited. :(
    A few things to remember when you go:
    • it is more of a warehouse than a mall so wear comfy clothes and pack wet wipes, you will handle dusty merchandise
    • not all items come in boxes, but they will wrap it in newspaper and pack in boxes (especially if you buy in bulk)
    • check check check - like all over runs, some are bound to have defects so always check.  Best to use wipes also to see if it is just dirty or actually has a lot of scratches.
    • parking is not that secure so don't leave valubles at the car
    • take your time to go through the whole place
    • pick a smaller and newer cart it's easier to maneuver.  You don't want to hit anything, they have a "you break it, you buy it" policy.  That being said, keep the kids at home. :)

    Where is coastal mall???
    Via Car:
    Do you know Mall of Asia? (of course everyone knows MOA! :D)  To get to MOA you are usually coming from EDSA southbound, to get to C.Mall from EDSA turn left at Macapagal Blvd.  Then go straight ahead, you will pass DFA (which is on the left across Mcdo) and then you will see Caltex on the right and you will see C.Mall straight ahead.  Cross the next intersection and then stay on the LEFT most lane and turn left towards Coastal Mall and left again when you clear the gate (this is the back entrance/parking).  If you get to Sentosia you already missed it.

    Via Public Transport:
    Ride sucat FXs from Roxas Blvd. or ride the buses going to Tambo, Paranaque.  Just tell them to bring you to Coastal Mall.  You may opt to go down when you see KFC.  You will have to cross the foot bridge to C. Mall.

    Coastal Mall
    Diosdado Macapagal Ave. Cor. Naia Rd. Tambo, Paranaque, Philippines

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Supplier Rating: Joey Boquiren

    We booked a photographer early in our preps but only after looking at the portfolios of a lot of other talented photographers, some were great but were waaay beyond our budget so we had to set our sights on someone who is showed a lot of promise but did not have uber high rates (yet hahaha).

    Kuya Joey is a great influence with regards to how we planned the theme and how we executed our prenup.  Ang laki ng matitipid mo pag kinuha mo siya, may stylist ka na may photographer ka pa! :)  Transpolakad came from him, we just added tanan to give it a storyline. (and y'all know we love a good story!)

     The best part about getting Kuya Joey was that we were able to shoot the whole thing without paying a single centavo to shoot at any of the locations.  He was the one who would approach security guards, bus conductors and drivers, pedicab drivers and ask them if it was ok to shoot and if hindi pwede he would soften them up so we could get a few but great shots! :)

    We never intended for our prenup to have a story but when we were featured on Rebellious Brides, putting a narrative just came in naturally. :)

    Come wedding day, Kuya Joey was one of the first suppliers to arrive and he gave us our first surprise of the day, his second photographer was Rene Gaviola.   I was floored since I knew he did the moulin rouge prenup that was seriously awesome, he was ahead of his time as he did boudoir before the dolls and did a risque prenup (at Victoria Court no less!) before Maggie Wilson.  He was such a trooper he was shooting straight through the crazy after party! Here are some of my favorite shots from the wedding by Sir Rene:

    M's crazy cousins doing the pogi pose with Kuya Joey

    And now here some of from favorite shots from Kuya Joey.  Super humble guy, really easy to talk to (kahit sa SM Bacoor pa kayo magkita!), bongga ang office sa tapat ng SM Southmall and really awesome photographer.  Watch the dreads! :)

    Kahit pinahiga niya ako sa sahig ng San Agustin (joke).  For more pics check out Kuya Joey's website or my FB account!

    Rating: 5!
    ofc : unit C hernz bldg alabang – zapote road las pinas city (infront of SM southmall) (beside PNB and Reyes cutter)
    joey : 0927.315.7715 @ 09322181158
    jomel : 0917.7587983
    ellen : 0927.317.4113 @ 09233601682
    landline : 227.8976