Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Supplier Rating: Sensitivity

Meanne and Juancho are the fairly-odd parents of our wedding.  We weren't able to give them pegs, we gave them some ideas.  A rough sketch of what we want came out but nothing final.   We had a hard time getting in touch with each other a month to go before the wedding but then we got a call from them apologizing about not getting back to us a couple of weeks before the wedding, but at that time we decided to let go and to give them a free hand at what they plan to do for our stage, lights, sounds and backdrop.  We knew they won't be here and won't be the supplier of a lot of celebrity weddings and big name stylists if not for the great work that they do.  And we made the right choice by getting them.  True they may be pricier than others but let me share a little something with you...  

No matter how many years you plan for your big day when you arrive at the door of the church you have no idea about what's beyond that door.  When you arrive at the reception venue you have no idea what your venue will look like dressed up for YOUR wedding.  When Queen said, your venue looks like Manila!  We knew what we paid for their service was worth every penny. :)

wonderful lighting!
they used the panels from josiah's so our lantern cake stood out!
asap for a night

our manila backdrop!
concert - one night one lifetime only :)
great clear sharp projector
we even got lamp posts!
Sensitivity took care of our lights, sounds, band set up, dj, stage and set up for couple, band and cake, projector, lamp posts and awesome custom backdrop.  We hired lights and sounds but we got a stylist as well.  

Rating: 5
Sensitivity Lights and Sounds
0922.8359375 / 0927-2144226 or 412-8250


  1. hi! i have a question - we are getting sensitivity for lights, sounds and dj. how was their dj like? do you remember his name?
    thanks so much and hope to hear from you!

  2. oh my gulay! so long since i blogged! honestly i don't know the name of the DJ but he did a really good job. Juancho Fondevilla was also there at the DJ's area so I'm sure he also had a say about how things were done. However, I think what helped a lot was that Sensitivity communicated well with my host (Missy) and the coordinators (Queen and Just Like Ours) so they knew their cues and were well oriented with the flow of the program. :) hope you see this in time before your wedding! :)