Wednesday, August 8, 2012

something bright and bongga to combat the rainy gloom

Hello everyone!  Honestly, I am getting sick and tired of all this rain.  It's still a virtual pond outside our door.  We can all do our share to help others in need by donating and sharing relief goods but for now, we are still stuck here at home.  

So here's a shiny, shimmery silver lining amidst all the rainclouds that's been dampening our days.  I haven't been this excited about a local designer since I saw Cary Santiago's Aviary wedding gown and the uniquely incorporated wood carvings in Furne One's gowns.  I recently discovered that Michael Cinco (yes of the America's Next Top Model Fame) does bridal collections too!

I am salivating over the details of these gowns...

(all photos from

Di ba????? I've always been a fan of white and silver shiny details.  Makes all the needlework pop!  Love the ornate "backlace" (because a necklace is for the neck then what do you call it if you put it in the back? hehe).  Love the modern Filipiniana sleeve that would be really pretty in a modern Filipino wedding.  And in true middle eastern fashion - more is more so why not put crystals along the edges of each ruffle.  Heavy yes but sparkly double yes! 

There's more great and shiny stuff at  Be sure to check out how he works with lace.  Super modern and yet romantic at the same time.

Stay safe everyone!