Friday, November 29, 2013

H & M is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes this post deserves all those exclamation points. (At least for me!) Let me explain, when I first went here I spent way too much time in the store that we ended up running along the streets to go back to the hotel because we thought we might miss the bus that was supposed to bring us to the airport! I totally lost track of time.

When you get an official contract signed and a target date of the opening then it most certainly must be true! Now I just hope they can keep the mark ups at a minimum. :)

Super thanks to for the breaking news! Now let's all wait for
Ikea! :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gracias! Felices Fiesta!

A Fiesta is a feast hosted by different towns and cities in honor of the Patron Saint of the primary parish of the area. It's a day of celebration with overflowing food and drinks. It's a day of being with family and friends. Some even go as far as inviting people from out of town to visit on the day of the fiesta to celebrate with the rest of community.

Here in Cavite City, our patron saint Nuestra Senora Soledad de Porta Vaga's feast day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of November. A miraculous image of Our of Lady of Solitude that was discovered along the shores of Sea and she has since stood as the patrona of the Cavitenos. Amidst the revelry, the tiagge, the perya, the food, we must not forget that everything we do today is also for thanksgiving. A day to be thankful of all that we have achieved over the last year, the blessings that we have received and the calamities or problems that we overcame. A fiesta is a way of giving it back to the Lord and acknowledging that none of those triumphs would have been possible without the help of the One Above.

The show cabinet for fiesta! Top left: toothbrush holders as vases from Uniwide with faux green flowers, Top right: poster paint ombre art - DIY (frame from, gold and white pumpkin like container from Uniwide, revived lamp with cloth from Ilaya bangketa and mini gas lamp from the toy section of the market, Bottom right: wooden basket from a Santi's Christmas gift basket last year, green leaves from the garden, Bottom left: long vintage finish frames from SM Rosario (on sale 100 each!) with DIY fiesta and thanksgiving signs (I really need to learn calligraphy!) and round vase from Uniwide

Now off to my Mom's for food! Happy fiesta everyone! :)