Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fairy Lights!

So I was looking for bedroom lighting inspiration.  My hubby was not so sure about using our awesome Ikea Maskros pendant light like it was used here.  He keeps thinking the ceiling might not be high enough but I kinda like the idea waking up every morning to its awesomeness.   Enter fairy lights.

Yes I know we grew up to know this by its other monicker Christmas Lights but I like Fairy Lights more.  Gives us a reason to use it all year round. Sooooo pretty!

I would live in the attic if it looked like this...

Another take on the rustic tree branch canopy bed, let's just edit out that bed side table.

You can also use it as accent light for windows or for your dressing room mirror!

And we can always take advantage of Fairy Lights in other colors, this would definitely be dim enough to keep you chill and sleepy.

Now if only hubby would agree with any of these. (I wish!) I would just have to think of a way to incorporate this into our house. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

A new chapter...

I've been out of circulation for a while. Real life caught up. 

Beyond weddings we all go forward and coast through marriage, work, pregnancy, babies and families. I was thinking if I wanted this to be a wedding blog but I realized, I also liked a lot of other things clothes, furniture, interiors, fabrics, shoes, make-up, photographs, art, parties and toys. Life happens and weddings are but a part of that life and I thought it might be unfair if I limit myself to that part of my life. 

I thought about what drew me to weddings to begin with. What connected all of my interests together, and I realized what drew me to weddings were that: 
- it's a celebration so it is always fun 
- no two weddings are alike, they are always unique and special in their own way 
- it's loaded with pretty, shiny, cool, quirky stuff! 

And all my other interests can also be described using the same adjectives. :) So now I get to post things here that I love: fun, quirky, unique, pretty, shiny, cool stuff that I encounter as I coast through life. 

Here's to life beyond weddings. :)