Monday, July 30, 2012

A new chapter...

I've been out of circulation for a while. Real life caught up. 

Beyond weddings we all go forward and coast through marriage, work, pregnancy, babies and families. I was thinking if I wanted this to be a wedding blog but I realized, I also liked a lot of other things clothes, furniture, interiors, fabrics, shoes, make-up, photographs, art, parties and toys. Life happens and weddings are but a part of that life and I thought it might be unfair if I limit myself to that part of my life. 

I thought about what drew me to weddings to begin with. What connected all of my interests together, and I realized what drew me to weddings were that: 
- it's a celebration so it is always fun 
- no two weddings are alike, they are always unique and special in their own way 
- it's loaded with pretty, shiny, cool, quirky stuff! 

And all my other interests can also be described using the same adjectives. :) So now I get to post things here that I love: fun, quirky, unique, pretty, shiny, cool stuff that I encounter as I coast through life. 

Here's to life beyond weddings. :)

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