Monday, March 3, 2014

Baby Bump!

We're 37 weeks along and we're patiently waiting for the arrival of the little one!  We're busy fixing up rooms, laundering clothes and linens, buying baby needs, rushing to check ups and doing medical tests to accommodate the little siopao who will soon change the way we live our lives forever.

Since a woman gets to experience pregnancy not too often, some women opt to have a maternity shoot done.  Mostly because this gives you captured moments as you experience nature's work at its finest. When you get to experience all the ups and downs of being perfectly pregnant and the undeniable fact that there is a growing human inside you.  And of course to show off the baby bump! 

Dear hubby was actually the one who first opened this up very early on in my pregnancy.  He has seen several samples of this shoot and he asked me if I was getting my picture taken looking like this...

from here
And yes he actually did the pose to give me an idea about what I was supposed to do.

So now at my 36th week, we finally decided to do the shoot.  We just went with an idea and did it at home.  I did my make up.  We used washi tape for styling.  My sister in law did a great job shooting us against a blank white wall.  My sister used her artistic chops to pimp my belly.  Everything was done in two hours but it was fun and it would be great story to share with the siopao when she gets older. 

We used the peek a boo baby shirt for inspiration.  But since we don't have time to source the shirt or have it printed out, we went with directly painting the design on my tummy using water based poster paint.  It washed right off as soon as I stood under the shower! I definitely won't have to guts or the straight face to do a dramatic maternity shoot but this one turned out to reflect our personalities so well.  We'll definitely welcome the baby with a lot of wisdom, understanding, love and happiness.  We know no one is ever ready to become a parent but we are sure that we will have fun and enjoy every moment, every stumble and every victory in this new journey ahead of us! :)