Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Paper Doilies!!!

I am absolutely obsessed with paper doilies.  They are cheap, pretty, lacy and relatively easy to source.  Now if only there are a lot of options with regards to shape and size that are available to us Pinoys. hmmmm

Here's how we used them!!!

To decorate our tampipi gift boxes to modernize it a bit!

backdrop for our placecards
as backdrop for our What to do in Manila cards!

 Here are other great ways to use a paper doily!!!

as envelopes for your invitation!!!
 Just make sure that you get the right size for the invitation envelope.  You will be needing a large square paper doily for this project.

great to give out to guests during a hot summer wedding!
lit up as luminaries or just to add texture to an all white set up!
 See the possibilities are endless! :)  I got my paper doilies at Bakers Depot at Robinson's Place Manila, check out other branches at their website.

They have the small round ones and big round ones and also the big rectangular ones for cakes.  Mostly available in white.  I've seen heart shaped ones at Gourdos though they are more expensive and available only during Valentine season. :)  The small ones cost about PhP10 for 10 pcs of 5' doilies.

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