Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Supplier Rating: Shortcrust by Peachy Juban

chef peachy and her multi-awarded cakes!
 This is all M's project.  He had a free hand at choosing our cake supplier and he wanted nothing less than his former professor multi awarded pastry chef and cake designer Chef Peachy Juban.  We had a couple of meetings with her about 8 months before the wedding.  As our big day got nearer we had to wait for updates or questions from Chef Peachy.  We booked her, we decided on a design and we knew she would create something amazing.  

Come wedding day, we got an amazing and BIG cake!  Chef Peachy said a small cake would look tiny next to M who is really tall. The whole cake is edible (except for the wiring and the lights!) it is all made from sugar!  You know you have something good if people take pictures of your cake or have their picture taken WITH the cake! :)

see the details?
She also gave instructions on how to set it up so that cake looks at its best.  Here are a few tips!

- make sure you use a cocktail table not a round dinner table for the cake if it is not too big.  It will give the cake height and also make it appear bigger in width.

- if you have a lantern cake make sure to put it against a dark background so the lights turn up really nice.  Actually i think even if you will be having a regular cake, having a backdrop that contrasts with the color of the cake would be nice so the cake gets highlighted, for example, if your cake is white place it against a backdrop that is NOT white.

- tell your lights supplier not to put a lot of lights directed nearly towards the cake especially if you have a lantern cake.   Aside from defeating the purpose of the lights inside the cake, the harsh lights might melt the sugar.  A way to highlight your cake would be placing it at the other side of the stage opposite the projector so it's still in front and gets noticed.

Chef Peachy's cakes are not the chiffon type cakes.  Based on what we talked about it is dense but moist.  :)  We got the carrot walnut flavor for our cake. :)

If you are ever at P'que area, drop by her shop and see her cakes, the details are amazing!

Rating: 5
Shortcrust by Peachy Juban
Call : +63 920- 9184324, +632 820-5406
Address: Academy One Building, 293 A. Aguirre cor. Gov. Santos BF Homes Paranaque 1720 Philippines.

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