Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Booth Set Up Ideas!

If the regular photobooth is getting a little too tired for you, then I think it might be time to rethink your idea of a photobooth. :D

How about hanging frames from a tree? Especially great if you are having a reception or cocktails at an open area.  If not you can ask your photobooth supplier if they have the extra beam that they use to hang the usual tarpaulin backdrop.  Put that one at the front and ask your supplier if you can hang frames from them.  I think a plain black backdrop will also work for this set up, just make sure the frames come in bright colors!  

Don't have budget for wooden frames? Cut out shapes from illustration boards and paint them with poster color!  Go with square, circle, oval, diamond or star. It doesn't have to be intricate! :D

Here are more ideas:

 Who wouldn't want a real studio at their wedding right?  If you have extra cash to burn the top picture would be one nice to have. :D  However, if you still want to be different but a little strapped for cash, take a cue from the second photo and you can print two more copies of the back tarpaulin, borrow two more beams from your photobooth supplier and voila! You have a mod 60's vibe for your booth!  Instant photo studio!

photo taken from
Another great idea from a couple who had a really fun wedding (how's The Little Rascals for a theme?), keep the layout simple and just have one picture per print out!  Then dress up the layout and the backdrop.  Mica (the bride, who is one part of the rebellious bride tandem and is also a talented make up artist) did the paper pompoms herself and they just attached it to the wall to serve as a backdrop.  A variation of this would be having the desert as a background and having famous Egyptian structures (the pyramids, the Sphinx or a camel!) at the foreground for the photobooth layout!  Great for an Egyptian themed wedding! :)

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