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Suppliers Rating: San Agustin Church, Palacio de Maynila and Hyatt Hotel

The next part of the suppliers rating will be in bulk so it's gonna be a long read! :D

San Agustin was not our first choice for the church.  Our first choice is actually Malate Church because of the reasonable price and it allowed only two weddings during Saturday afternoons so it meant more time for us at the church.  However, someone beat us to booking Malate Church on our preferred date at our preferred time (4pm) so we had to look for other options.  MIL suggested SAC because it is indeed a beautiful church.  The staff are nice and courteous and processing our papers were a breeze.  We did not do the pre-cana seminar at the church because we already went through Discovery Weekend.  

What we liked about SAC is that it is beautiful in its self, personally I would have been happy with the flowers that went in the package but MIL wanted something else for the aisle so we added flowers.  On the day of the wedding, we were surprised to see aisle runners on the same day, another blessing that we did not cost us anything.  I also love the fact that they allowed us to do our rehearsal a few weeks before our wedding.  It gave the chance for our priest to tell us what we are to expect on the day of the wedding and our bearers and flower girls not to be afraid of their duties and to be able to their roles on the big day without tantrums or apprehensions. J  What we don’t like about them is that you need to do everything in one hour.  Pati si Fr. Ollie Genuino our priest na pe-pressure sa kanila.  Eh kumakanta siya pag homily to make it more personal.  Yung pictures tuloy naming very limited lang.  You can see at our church portrait as a couple na medyo strained yung smile ko kasi pinagmamadali na kami.

stress drilon dahil pinapalayas na kami. :O
Our requirements for the wedding venue were pretty simple, it had to be covered, had ample parking and airconditioned!  Palacio de Maynila was perfect for us especially when it came down to our Manila Theme.  We booked them after booking SAC  because we realized our wedding day was kind of  hot date and our wedding motto was starting to be: Daig ng maagap ang masikap. J  What set them apart from other venues is that the swags or drapes are already included in the package so that would save us a significant amount compared to getting other tent venues.  The caterers who are affiliated with them are also extensive.  Dealing with them was hassle free as the AE’s are nice, we really liked our first AE Kaye but we were transferred to Ms. Joy when we transferred to another church.  Ok naman si Ms. Joy, was bubbly nga lang si Ms. Kaye.  May corkage lang if you get a different lights and sounds supplier from the one who is in house pero we really wanted to get sensitivity so we paid this na lang.  They gave us a chance to use their projector for free kaya lang 2500 lumens lang, we did not end up using it because it won’t be clear enough for all the guests.  

view from the stage
the entrance from the cocktail area
To make the event more intimate, we placed the stage at the side of the venue so that we won't be too far from the guests.  If we placed the stage at the end of the venue, we would've had a major entrance walking along another long aisle.  However, it would make some of the guests tables really far away from us and would create distance between us. 

enjoy mag pose sa hyatt
Since we booked our venue, we knew we had several options when it came to where we are going to do our preps.  However, we ended up getting Hyatt because we knew people there and they were able to arrange for us to score a lot of upgrades and great deals.  They were able to arrange our rooms so we were all in one floor, initially we booked 5 standard rooms and one suite.  On the day of the check in we found out all of the rooms were upgraded to deluxe (same as standard only bigger!) and M’s room was upgraded to a suite as well.  They also accommodated our request to add another room the day before the wedding since my grandparents also decided to check in at the last minute.   Take note that all 7 rooms are in one floor! (btw, out of the seven rooms, 5 of the rooms stayed for two nights)  We also availed of the club at the Hyatt card and our second night was supposed to be a free stay at a standard room.  Good thing they upgraded our free room to a suite so I didn’t have to move out of the room.  After the wedding we just went back to the suite. :D  

by the mirror wall
The suite was large enough for us.  All of the family members had their hair and make up done at my room at the dining area of the suite which is beside the mirror that covered up one wall.  They stayed at the living area while waiting or eating.  We were able to dress up at my room and at the dressing area of the bathroom.  But if you have cash to spare get the higher suite ang gandaaaaaa, di naman presidential pero ang gandaaaaa. No charges also for pictures around the Hotel too. :D  

in the bedroom
our familia zaragoza shot at the living area

Sayang lang, I forgot to have pictures taken by the stairs at LiLi the restaurant.  Nice din kasi dun.  Ok din yung breakfast buffet namin.  It was nice because M and I were able to eat breakfast with our family on the day of the wedding and after the wedding. :D  Another plus point for Hyatt is that is it one of the newer hotels so the furniture inside the rooms are more modern. :)
shot at the elevator bay! :)
shots by the pool
San Agustin Church
Gen Luna & Real Sts, Intramuros, Manila, Luzon 1002, Philippines
Rating: 4.5

Palacio De Maynila
1809 - 1813 M. H. Del Pilar Street, Malate, Manila
Rating: 5
Hyatt Hotel Manila
1588 Pedro Gil cor M.H. Del Pilar, Malate,
Manila, Philippines 1004

Tel: 245 1234  
Rating: 5 

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