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Supplier Rating: Cecilio Abad

Cecilio Abad needs no introduction, he is supplier of the year last 2008 and if it was not for w@w I would not have known that gowns could have a life of it its own.  As a back story I would look at sites of different designers those whose rates I knew we could afford and those who were only part of weddings borne out of my wildest dreams.   CA is part of the second group of designers.  I knew about Veluz and Cary Santiago: Veluz’s work is beautiful but I know she usually works with lace and appliqu├ęs but I know I’m not the romantic type of bride, Cary is based in Cebu and when I found out about the starting price of his gowns I just continued to admire his brilliance from a far.
Yes! It's detachable!

I started to religiously follow CA via his multiply site and I would post comments on his wonderful creations even if he doesn’t know me personally.  I also loved how he described the gowns and his relationship with the brides and the process of how certain gowns are made.  I knew his market and his price point but as suggested by my coordinator, it won’t hurt to ask him.  So I scheduled an appointment with him and even when I arrived 10 minutes early, he was already there waiting for me.  They ask you to wear a stocking like material (stretch something) and they take your measurements while wearing that garment.   This is to see what kind of body type you have and he can sketch the best style of gown for you.  CA and I immediately clicked because he can execute the design that I was already thinking about, I wanted a frou-frou skirt with a long train but I want the train to be detachable so it was attached underneath the main skirt. 

It did not hurt that I was already stalking him at his multiply account so to be there at his shop and to see his actual creations was already a dream come true for me!  I was like a kid at a candy store.  I even asked permission if I could take a closer look at two of the gowns which were displayed.  The gowns that I saw are already at his site and posted here and here. :D  CA probably took pity on me and even showed me the backroom where they make everything happen, parang field trip lang. haha

When it was time to discuss the amount, CA was more than generous with me.  He asked for my budget and he gave me the gown that I want no changes in the design or material and a free cocktail dress.  I was in cloud nine!  M and I talked about it first so I gave my down payment after one week and I was saddened that another bride booked him for the same wedding date!  I really wanted him to be there during preps so when I found out that the other bride’s wedding is in the morning and is also with in Manila, I knew there was hope. J
Each fitting was wonderful because you see your gown taking shape and each time I am there I witnessed how in many different ways he is excellent in his craft.   They rushed my cocktail dress in time for our prenup video shoot.  They helped give me feedback about my bouquet so that it can be better and what shoes to wear and how to walk.  Lahat ng kalokohan ko sa gown pati ang colored petticoat (dapat wala akong peticoat) sinakyan niya.  The belt can be removed and used with other dresses, as per my request, at lahat yun ginawa niya.  In the process, he shared his story with me about how a probinsyano  from Leyte came to Manila to look for greener pastures, took on any kind of work imaginable and started to get better at his craft before making a name for himself.

Obviously happy over CA's presence! :)
One of my favorite shots with CA

Come wedding day I was beside myself with happiness because CA came to my preps!!! :D I knew it was an honor only reserved for the first bride who booked and I knew my chances were slim because someone beat me to the date but he still came.  We had a grand time laughing and joking around and best of all he got included in the official pictures!  I never thought I would be a CA bride and it came true all because I took a chance to inquire.  He is a great artist with a great heart for all his brides and I will be forever grateful. :D

Rating: 5
Cecilio Abad
1120 P. Ocampo cor. T. Ayala Sts. ,Malate, Manila 313-9672 / 484-3407 / 0917-8959012 / 0920-9027022 (Clayton)
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