Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wacky Shot! :)

How many times have we heard this every time we take pictures together as a group?  And if you have 150 guests at your wedding you are bound to hear this at least 15 times, once for each time a group of people from a table goes up to the couple’s area to have their picture taken with you, the bride and groom.

Taking the wacky shot may be ok with the guests, they only have to do it once for the night, but for the couple… hmmm it might be an entirely different story.  This is one idea (that won’t cost you anything!) that we thought about so you can get a better variety of wacky shots.  Have a list of various wacky shots that you can do per group while seated in the comfort of your chair!  Here are some ideas:

Classic wacky (anything goes)
Ikaw na! (everybody point at the camera!)
Flying kiss (blow a kiss towards the camera, put your open palm out in front of your puckered lips)
Chinky Eyes (pull the edges of your eyes out towards the side so you will be “singkit”)
Belat (stick out your tongue!)
Rock and roll (hold up only your thumb, inder finger and pinky)
Wave hi (no explanation, works well for tables with more mature/older guests)
Gulat (look shocked, put hand over rounded mouth or put your one hand on each cheek, make sure your eyes look wide!)
Everyone lean to the left/lean to the right
Say Banana! (makes you smile with open mouths!)
Pirate (make a hook with your index finger and growl “arrrrgh!”)
Pogi (hold up thumb and index finger and place under your chin)

The possibilities are only limited by planking and owling (cannot be done by everyone in a small space!).  You can place each wacky shot on strip of paper and place them all in a fishbowl by the couple’s table and ask them to pick out what wacky shot will execute.  If you think it will take up too much time, you can place a wacky shot card per table and ask them to bring it to you as they approach the couple’s table for pictures.

Do you have other ideas for wacky shots? Let me know! 

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