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Supplier Rating: Composed!

A non-negotiable part of our wedding was having a band.  And as part of our requirements, they should be easy to talk to.  We talked to other bands but they were too indifferent or too much of a hard sell.  Our meeting with Diane and the rest of Composed was really light and fun!  We clicked immediately and what we liked about them was that they have gigs at different bars so you can see them in action with a full band set up (no need to crash other people's weddings!).  Their group is also "solid" meaning they don't change members, and the more a band plays together, the better they become. :)

During the course of our preps, we would regularly go to their gigs at MOA or at different hotels to unwind and also to catch up with them. :)  During their gigs, you can also go up the stage and sing with them - Rockeoke! It helps that Benjie and Diane have their IPADs with them so the lyrics are always there!

our ASAP moment
When we were already planning for our program I had this crazy idea of doing a song and dance number using a mash-up of songs.  We are not really a mushy-mushy couple and we wanted to maximize the fact that we had a band so we asked them to make an arrangement of the original and Black Eyed Peas version of Time of Your LIfe.  They performed it during our listening session, they allowed us to practice, they boosted our morale na kaya namin mag-perform at kumanta at hindi kami ambisyosa! :)

During the wedding, they were there at the mass and they performed all of the songs that we agreed upon including the special request of our priest Fr. Ollie.  He asked us to kiss after the rites (which is at the middle of the mass) and that is their cue to to perform the traditional exit song of the bride and groom (the one that goes "ten-ten-tenenten-ten-ten-ten-ten-tenenen-ten-ten-ten).

They also followed our request for upbeat songs during the reception.  They were really instrumental in making our event a happy and lively wedding.  We gave them a song list but they told us honestly that they can't perform all the songs (they perform a lot of standards and top 40 songs!) but we gave them a free hand with regards to picking songs from their repertoire that they can use as long as it is not a ballad and not too mushy.  During dinner everyone was in a happy mood and did not get bored.  

It's a big downer when people are at a party and everyone is dancing.  Then all it takes is one corny song and every one decides they are tired so they will take a break.  During our wedding party time...

yes! we got to party!
there were people dancing ALL THE TIME!!! I would like to believe that Composed did a great job editing our song selection.  There was something for everybody.  Mind you we did not have a mobile bar, we just ordered a couple of cases of beer and a couple of bottles of chivas.  Everyone is just happy and crazy even with minimal alcohol.  Music is enough to make people get up and dance. :D  M's cousin was even able to sing with them and his friend was able to test his DJ/MC skills (parang DJ MOD sa showtime!) and it was all good with them.
We love them to bits!!! :D

Rating: 5!
Composed Band
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