Thursday, January 31, 2013

Splendid Spend: I can Ikat!

I've been a big fan of Bungalow 300 on the internet for quite some time now.  I especially loved their Ikat Pillows Collection last year.  Not sure if they are still available at Dimensione if not then you would have to score them their Muntinglupa showroom.  I posted a few of my favorites from their site here but the whole collection can be viewed from this link.

At Php795.00 each, I had to hold back for a while before grabbing any of these babies.  So when an opportunity came to add a pop of Ikat at home for Php25 per item, I jumped at the chance. So now, spot the Ikat! :)

Foot rugs!!!! Php 100 for 4 pieces!!! From Divilandia Sta. Elena St. vendors.  

Here's a closer shot. :)
Super love! Splendid way to spend Php100. :) Really mababaw post but bear with me.  Standing on these ikat bits gives me a bit of a happy boost when I have to cook, wash the dishes or refill the pitchers with water.

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