Thursday, January 24, 2013

So, I Never Got to Show You the Tree

A week after I took the tree down, I finally got time to post pictures! Hehehe

As I told you before, I was hell bent on getting a while tree...

Tada!  We went aqua and red so that it will go with the rest of the living room.

I had to scour Divi for the most affordable white tree that had leaves that did not look like bottle brushes.  I found one along Soler St. behind the new 168 Soler - Recto wing.  7 ft tall tree set me back for Php 4200

We put in two strings of white LED Christmas lights.  This I bought at SM, I'm a bit wary of buying electrical items at rock bottom divilandia prices as this could be a source fire should there be any faulty wires. :/

We put in the red ornaments first, some of these were from Divi along Tabora and Soler and some from Uniwide.  The balls were all candy apple red but had different finishes.  I also scored a couple of clear balls with gold and silver glitter designs.  

Then we started to put in the aqua details, the ones here on the tree came from Uniwide and the aqua gifts and candy ornaments came from 168.  The additional aqua and disco mirror balls that you will see are from my Mom since they went back to green and bronze for their tree.  And I'm pretty much the only one there who wanted that much sparkle in the tree! Hahaha

Last we put in the red ball garland and the wire glitter star topper both of which also came from Divi.  Under the tree I put in a red and white snowflake felt tree skirt, a major score at Php150.00 from Uniwide!!!! :D 

Right before a house party, I put in a DIY sign made from white board, red construction paper, aqua glitter and lace paper liners that can be used on cake plates! :D

Ooohhh honorable mention!  Our mini tree from Gourdo's! :D  Assembled by the boys next door, Miggy, Gabby and Rafa! :)

So in the end we still got a little pop of green. :)  I looooove the white as it makes the ornaments pop like a magic dragon.  But I realized it's still going to take a whole lot of ornaments to cover more of that white and give depth to our tree.  Since the tree is white and it is seriously one solid color.   Unlike the green ones where there happens to be different shades of green in each tree and since green is darker, the mere presence of fairy lights gives it additional dimension.  Oh well there's always next Christmas! :D

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