Sunday, February 16, 2014

Belated Happy Puso Day!

So how did your Valentine's day go?  From my news feed on Facebook, I seem to notice that more people are feeling the looooove this year.  I think we have come to realize that love comes in all shapes and forms and romantic love is not the only reason that one should celebrate this day of hearts.  Well, it could be that, or that most of my friends have gotten over the Valentine's Day angst that is so common when one is younger.  The angst that makes one wear all black and stare grudgingly at each person who's holding a bear, a bouquet or a box of ferrero rocher chocolates (yes may brand talaga).

Since I am taking things easy around this time and hubby has to work, we celebrated Valentine's Day in a pretty low key manner we had breakfast out then...

We finally got an S and R card!

This is a big deal for me because this means I can just go there anytime I want and buy pizza on a whim. :)

Dear husband also made breakfast for me on the 15th.  He made paninis at home. Kasi "panini"ndigan niya daw kami palagi. Hahahaha That and we got a chance to eat at La Piadina again and we loved their four cheese piadina.  Love the grill marks! 

And it is always great to receive flowers, just goes to show that guys would go to great lengths to buy over priced blooms this time of the year.  I love it!

And the little one got something pretty too! 

May everyday be a Happy Puso Day!

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