Monday, October 1, 2012

We're moving next month!

moving takes on a whole new meaning with bayanihan
Soooooooo.... This is the ultimate newlywed's dream right?  To move in to your new place as husband and wife.  To be the kings and queens of your castle!  To carry out your wildest (decor) fantasies in each room of your new abode (it's not what you were thinking!).  However, when you start to talking about moving beginning May and October already rolled around and you still haven't gotten around to doing it, then it starts to become an inside joke between the two of you.

This my friends is the long and tedious process of "finishing" up your house.  It basically involves all the minor details that your never thought about in your whole existence considering that you also lived in a house your whole life.  Makes you realize how little you know about what you need in the house you might as well have been raised in a cave - which is so much simpler. An opening, ceiling and walls. Done deal.

But we do need all the comforts that a modern and progressive house brings.  What would we do without electricity, plumbing, insulation?  We'd be a pretty sad (and stinky!) bunch indeed.  

You have options such as gas, induction, coal, or basic wood! via
Just a list of a few of the mind boggling questions we had to answer since May:

- How many power outlets do you need and where do you put it inside the house or even just inside one room?

- Built-in cabinets? Where do you put it? How many Drawers? Where do you put the drawers?  How many shelves? What are the heights of the shelves?  Do you put doors, if yes what kind? Sliding or just leave it open?

- Lights oh lights, what kind of light fixture will you put at a particular place in the house? (Note that it is not in the room but a specific part of the house/room, a room could have multiple light sources)  Where do you put it, ceiling or wall, indoor or outdoor?  Is the ceiling made of wood or cement? What kind of bulb to use? What color of bulb to use?  Should you use LED's or are energy savers enough?

I knew these are not a few questions and there are a lot more where it came from!  And I know for a fact that you crossed the wedding planning and honeymoon bliss once your start swapping Martha Stewart Weddings and Wedding Essentials for Real Living every month.

So expect a few posts about our progress on the home front.  Don't get me wrong, I'm living the dream!  A great husband, a dog, a car and soon a house. So many blessings to be thankful for and I am loving all the minutes of these crazy, hectic moments in my life.

What about you?  Have you thought about what you want out of your house?

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