Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Brooch Bouquets... for sale! (with update!)

My obsession with shiny and shimmery things started a long time ago, during my wedding there was no way I was going to pass up a chance to have something sparkly and awesome on the big day.  

Don't get me wrong, I looked a up a lot of fresh flower bouquets during my "research" (which basically means staying up late scouring the net and buying and poring over bridal magazines).  When I'm at Market Market I do like drop a couple of hundred pesos on a really nice bouquet to bring home because it really brightens up the place.  I do love peonies, lilies of the valley and roses, but when I asked about the average price of a bouquet made of imported flowers I do admit I had second thoughts.  The idea of spending several thousands of pesos on something that will just wilt by the next week really hit me hard.  

So I came up with a brooch bouquet!  I got to spend a bit less than the imported bouquet that I wanted and best of all I got to keep it and it will stay that way forever, zero wilting! (Woohoo!)  Sure it took sometime before I was able to collect all the brooches that I wanted but the end result was well worth it.  I started early and every time I would have a gown fitting, I would bring my bouquet to see how it will look with my gown and what I need to do to improve it.  Super thanks to Joey Boquiren and Rene Gaviola for all these amazing photos!

Now as you all know I had some major wedding hang over so it kind of spilled over brooches and knick knacks as well.  I ended up having enough that I could make two more brooch bouquets.  And now they are up for sale for just Php3000.00 each.  

Presenting Bouquet Number 1: Never Sad but Always Blue!

It's a mixture of brooches, rings and trinkets.  Major colors are different shades of blue such as cobalt, baby blue, teal, turquoise and aqua.  Accented by white, silver and a hint of gold.  Handle is covered with silver ribbon.

 Close up!  Some are made of rhinestones, pewter and accent stones.

I used a mixture of different brooches made of varied materials to create textures, some of the pieces here were even bought during my trip to Hong Kong.  Blue flowers are hard to come by and spray painted blue roses are just not my thing.  I realized that if my motif were blue, I would definitely want a whole lot of that color in my bouquet. 

Presenting Bouquet Number 2: Pinky Pop Love!

Main colors are fuchsia, baby pink, salmon accented with gold and a touch of black.  Handle is covered with fuchsia ribbon.

I added a few trinkets such as a small TV, a camera, a robot, a few cameos and a "love" ring.  I definitely considered this as my color palette for the wedding but hubby found it too feminine so I just vented out my frustrations on this lovely thing. 

Please leave a comment here if you are interested!  Let me know and we can work out a way so I can hand over the bouquet to you.  I don't want to ship it as much as possible out of fear that it might get "hurt" :) 

UPDATE!!! - Never Sad but Always Blue already sold! :)

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