Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blast from the Past

cobblestone paths and gorgeous buildings all around
This is a super delayed post about a place that I placed in my vacation goals.  Fortunately, I was able to visit this place last summer!  Here is Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar through my eyes!  All pictures taken using our Canon point and shoot.

First up, you will get to see a whole lot of pretty in this place.  You will get to see things in a grander scale especially in the morning light.

even the lamp posts are divine
a wall of windows in our loft
yung bahay sa kanto
(the house around the corner) 

 The place takes on a different mood at night for sure.  It may appear eerie at time but the details take on a whole new depth once the shadows settle around the resort.

who ever thought of making a chair like this has a wild imagination

ladies on the veranda

chandeliers even outside the buildings

UP represent!!! This is from the old Fine Arts Building from the Manila Campus

all the details are highlighted by night

imagine someone coming up these stairs to court the young lady of the house
or someone doing a harana until someone peeks from the veranda. 
the door to our loft look at the door frame! so ornate
 You won't run out of eye candy because of all the details of each room, house or building.

a beautiful mural made of tiles in the most expensive house in the resort

trying out what it feels like to be an "aliping sagigilid"

imposing lion's head fountain

someone is hanging out at the bed side lamp

fruits on the ceiling

amazing ceiling and moldings

ceiling shot! together with the ceiling fan

chandelier and ceiling shot

arch upon arch

tikabalang hanging out

manananggal literally hanging out

amazing callado details from verandas, look at how the light shines through

a fountain depicting different chores that were commonly done back in the day

the sarimanok boat

a fan shaped detail above one of the loft doors

beautiful pillars from any angle

grapes along the gazebo outside our loft

a cherub blows us a kiss

a giant face of an old woman in the lawn
we had to take a picture with the "locals"
Facundo! Nasaan na ang kape?!?
Our farewell shot

The beautiful sunset by the beach

I definitely want to go back to this place and I want to bring my Lolo and Lola from my mother's side of the family because two of the houses came from Jaen, Nueva Ecija where they grew up.  They actually knew the people who used to live in the houses showcased in the resort so I bet he can actually share a thing or two with the tour guides about those families. 

The place is welcome respite from the modern world.  You feel so fortunate to be a Filipino and to be part of a culture that was able to create and develop such beautiful structures.

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