Sunday, October 6, 2013

Rainy - Sunny Days

Just a couple of weeks ago we were battered by torrential monsoon rains.  This week there's more than enough sunshine to drive our dogs to the back of the garage to find shade from the heat! 

One rainy afternoon, I happened to change things up in the display cabinet. Yellow for the sun, blue for the rain and green because yellow and blue makes green. Here's to better weather as we enter the hectic -ber months! (That's a lot of -er's!)

Top left: All owls and the elephant came from Uniwide

The elephant made it's presence known by blaring "Eeeeeeeeeooooooaaa!" 
(Yes that is my elephant animal sound.  In your world what sound does an elephant make?)
This owl saw the elephant first and shouted "What is this madness!?!"
I like my animals in a solid color and doing pretty weird poses. Makes it easier to think of lines that they might say to each other.

Top right side: Eiffel Tower from 168 in Divisoria, green jar, cake stand and owls from Uniwide, assorted books and our palaspas from last Holy Week. (Oh yes let's use what we can!)

Lower Right: Ceramic beige flower from Uniwide, Intertwined elephants from Mandaue Foam, Blue jars with bronze glaze gift bought from the US and the letter M.

Lower left: All jars and vases from Uniwide ( I love the cobalt blue and the yellow one with flowers perched on the side!), the letter T and wooden frame message board from Robinsons.

Next time you see the shelf it will be spruced up for Halloween!!!!! Soooooo exciting! 
In the mean time,
what sound does an elephant make? :)

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