Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Ever since I was a young girl and saw the immaculate white Christmas tree of my Lola Vey at their house, I knew I would get a different colored tree when I grew up.  I love the idea of bringing in other colors into a festive event.  I still love the red and green and all the glitter and shimmer that comes from gold and silver. (wow, it rhymes! haha)  I kind of remembered telling my Mom to get a white tree when we had to replace our old one but she told me if dust or dirt settled on the tree it would be so obvious. So no white tree for us.

But now... I get to buy my own big tree! And I can pick a different colored one! :D  I contemplated getting a silver one made of tinsel but I had a hard time thinking about how we would actually clean it after.  So I decided to stick to white, blank canvass for any type of holiday color scheme that I want! haha

Sooooo on to decor ideas!

How about a rainbow tree?


White on White Tree

Go crazy with color

home sweet home

And the best part of having a white tree lets your ornaments take the center stage!!!

Going to the urban jungle known as Divisoria in a few days, so I will just keep you updated about what will be the final turn out of our first tree!!! :)

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